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Clojure introduction video; Pigeon on hiatus

19 Apr

I’ve created an hour long introduction video to Clojure, a new dialect of Lisp.

I’ve also decided to leave unfinished my implementation of Pigeon, my pedagogic programming language, even though it would take a trivial amount of work to complete. I now think that it’s not really important for students to actually run Pigeon code; in fact, I think it best to discourage students from writing anything beyond a trivial amount of code in Pigeon lest they waste time rather than just moving on to later material.

Instead, my focus now is on creating a course of videos for total newbs to programming, totaling about 10 hours and running in this sequence:

  • A first language (a run through of Pigeon)
  • Numbers (how numbers are represented as bits)
  • Text and images (how they are represented as bits)
  • The system (hardware and OS basics)
  • Language and tools survey
  • Javascript (sans browser)
  • The internet and the web
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript (in browser)
  • The command line and Unix environment
  • C
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • OOP
  • Java
  • Encryption, security, and compression
  • GUI Toolkits (Swing?)
  • Version control
  • Databases

I’m processing the audio and video for the first two, but that leaves a lot of work as I only have sketches of the remaining parts.